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Diligent’s solutions support better governance processes to leverage the right information to the right person at the right time to make more informed business decisions.

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  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Mitigate risks and improve controls and compliance
  • Strategically plan organizational structure
  • Optimize Governance processes and workflows

Enterprise (Most Popular)

  • Automate administrative processes
  • Monitor reputation and benchmark against peers
  • Manage entities through their entire lifecycle
  • Ensure internal and public records are synced

Essential Package

Set a foundation for good corporate governance. Build a central warehouse for entity data and documents, cap table information and compliance obligations to increase operational efficiency, better ensure compliance and effectively manage risk.

Centralize the Corporate Record

Centralize the Corporate Record

Simplify information gathering and filing for legal entities and subsidiaries. Better cap table visibility to improve equity management and fundraising. Example Use Cases:

  • Comply with local operating laws
  • Assure version control
  • Perform accurate waterfall analyses
Keep Information Secure

Keep Information Secure

Control access to sensitive information with secure data rooms and granular permission settings to ensure only the right people get access. Example Use Cases:

  • Grant auditors temporary access
  • Keep M&A negotiations private
  • Securely share internal reports
Do More with Less

Do More with Less

Facilitate more efficient, repeatable processes and leverage statutory forms and e-filing for less reliance on manual systems. Example Use Cases:

  • Simplify geographic expansion
  • Save time with regulatory filing
  • Report on powers of attorney

Since we adopted Diligent Entities, I feel more confident in our data and a lot more comfortable that the changes I’ve made are based on a good understanding of our data.

Carrie TindalSenior Paralegal, Corporate Governance and Entity Management at Sysco Corporation

Pro Package = All the features of Essential Package plus a lot more

Unite multiple business functions across various jurisdictions and systems into a single source of truth with common workflows. Further reduce effort and errors when gathering, filing, and reporting compliance and entity data.

Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance

Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance

Reduce vulnerabilities with better assessment, management and reporting on risk exposure, control effectiveness, and regulatory compliance. Example Use Cases:

  • Measure risk control ROI
  • Ensure compliance accountability
  • Track against custom requirements
Strategically Plan Organizational Structure

Strategically Plan Organizational Structure

Position your company for growth with solutions to visualize entity hierarchy, facilitating rationalization and M&A plans.

  • Gain clear picture of group structure
  • Comply with regulatory filings
  • Identify conflicts of interest
Facilitate Better Collaboration

Facilitate Better Collaboration

Support processes for assigning tasks, scheduling reminders and integrating data with trusted third- party systems key to your organization. Example Use Cases:

  • Align teams across tax, treasury, finance and legal
  • Integrate data with your other systems
  • Easily manage and audit entity changes

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Enterprise Package = All the features of Pro Package plus a lot more

Promote strategic growth and design through improved business intelligence and process automation allowing for redeployment of valuable resources away from administrative work.

Monitor Your Corporate Reputation

Monitor Your Corporate Reputation

Stay abreast of public perception with analytics to track new stories and reputational impact. Benchmark against sector and regional peers. Example Use Cases:

  • Track public sentiment on ESG
  • Get alerted of competitor acquisitions
  • Prevent major regulatory surprises
Automate Administrative Processes

Automate Administrative Processes

Automate common document assembly with templates containing data population fields. Trigger change and approval workflows for entity life cycles such as creation, name changes, or mergers. Example Use Cases:

  • Produce high volume legal documents quickly
  • Ensure proper approvals for entity changes
  • Align board meetings across subsidiaries
Maintain Record Integrity

Maintain Record Integrity

Ensure internal entity information aligns with data shown on public sources to avoid costly errors. Example Use Cases:

  • Assure global record alignment
  • Identify filing errors in real time
  • Reduce dependencies on regional offices

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