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Good governance isn’t just one thing - so why buy software that only manages your board documents? Governance Cloud is a centralized suite of secure digital tools that helps governance leaders ask better questions, gain deeper insight and add value across the full scope of governance responsibilities. Diligent is the #1 enterprise governance management software to lead your organization forward.

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What is EGM?: Enterprise Governance Management

EGM is the discipline of applying technical tools and resources to the full range of governance needs to govern at the highest level and deliver long-term success and sustainability. With Governance Cloud and Diligent, boards can grow as their needs increase or business models varies. From entity management solutions to voting tools, Diligent provides the right tools at the right time to drive the right decisions for your business.

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Board Management Software

Governance leaders, executives and board directors rely on the industry-leading Diligent board management platform for the most secure and intuitive solution to board material management and collaboration.

  • Experience secure access at all times

    Admins can control their board documents more easily than paper

  • Maintain organization and easily make decisions

    Key features include easy agenda building, integrated board meeting minutes, and enhanced voting capabilities

  • Work across devices in real time

    Agendas, documents, and annotations all sync seamlessly

Secure Messenger

Diligent Messenger extends Diligent’s trusted security solution to communication for inside & outside the boardroom, providing the safest, smartest way to communicate about sensitive board issues.

  • Stay connected, wherever you are

    Create pre-set groups and contacts – just like email—which helps ensure that your board committees have a private, secure channel to communicate

  • Guarantee the privacy of your conversations

    Remove the risk of “copy and paste” and email forwarding to ensure private conversations are kept that way—plus, users also have the added ability to retract messages

  • Ensure that all data is kept secure

    Know that all of your data is backed by the trusted security of Diligent Boards™

Entity Management

Diligent’s entity management platform provides a "single source of truth" for all entity-related information with built-in processes and workflows that assist with reviewing and measuring the compliance of data.

  • Automate process chains

    Minimize risk by staying compliant with state and global regulations

  • Create organizational charting

    Leverage Diligent’s industry-leading tool for organizational charting and entity relationship diagramming (ERD)

  • Remain integrated across all devices and departments

    Seamlessly collaborate with all relevant departments to safeguard information and make it readily available when needed

Industry-Leading Security

Diligent provides the highest standard of information security to deliver peace of mind.

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