Features that strengthen your defenses

As part of the Governance Cloud ecosystem, every Diligent tool is designed for optimum protection from hacks, cyber threats and data breaches. With our board portal, administrators are able to customize access to committees and documents, keeping data contained to authorized users with the ability to archive and “wipe” data according to board requirements.

Diligent Messenger, a secure board communication tool that works as intuitively as an app, gives users the ability to:

  • Send sensitive messages and attachments within a “closed loop”
  • Retract messages if needed
  • Securely auto-sync groups, contacts and messages across devices

Safeguards you can trust

Diligent keeps you ahead of the latest technologies, threat information and security and compliance vulnerabilities with:

  • Robust encryption
  • Internationally audited, ISO and TRUSTe-certified solutions
  • World-class hosting infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 support by a team of experienced professionals



Andbank used Diligent Boards to increase their efficieny and ensure that their board data is safe and secure.



See how Standard Life seamlessly integrated Diligent into daily business and saved the team a full day’s work.