Financial Services and Banks

Tools that save time and add value

As part of the Governance Cloud ecosystem, Diligent Boards empowers efficient, easy and effective leadership. Among board portals for banks, it’s a solution informed by working with over 145,000 executive users from around the world, including leaders of top financial institutions.

For busy directors, Diligent puts documents and discussions in one convenient online place, updated in real time, connected for group collaboration and archived for future reference. For administrators, features like drag-and-drop book-building, e-voting and customizable questionnaires with built-in analysis make board communications, coordination and cultivation seamless and stress free.

To further support financial service organizations and banks in long-term strategic guidance and regulatory compliance, we offer Diligent Evaluations and Diligent D&O. These add-ons integrate seamlessly with Diligent Boards, enabling swift, regular assessments of culture, policies, leadership and processes.

Security you can trust

Emails and attachments expose confidential board meetings and sensitive communications with the board to inexcusable security risks. Smartphones lost in transit or messages sent to the wrong email address, also expose users to the same risks.

Diligent Messenger closes the loop on boardroom communications. It’s the secure alternative to personal or corporate email that works as intuitively as texting or an app.

All of our Governance Cloud integrated tools are ISO and TRUSTe-certified and internationally audited, with robust customizable encryption and data access for board members’ needs. Additionally, if a device is lost or compromised, our remote wiping capabilities swiftly mitigate the risk.

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