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The private equity ecosystem is complex, involving many different stakeholders with varying needs. Whether it’s communication between the fund operations team and each portfolio company, or confidential data shared between general partners and limited partners, there is a constant need for real-time information.


Solutions for Private Equity Firms

Diligent’s innovative modern governance platform simplifies and digitizes governance practices. From executives and directors to General Counsels and Risk Officers, Diligent’s platform helps leaders stay connected, informed and prepared for what’s next.

Improve investment reporting

Reporting on investment data should be easy. Diligent helps funds streamline and improve accuracy around equity management, KPI data gathering, tear sheet creation, document sharing, and more.

We help private equity firms easily report on real-time company and fund information, which simplifies routine workflows like quarterly reporting, valuations, and audits.

Secure deal flow

Deal flow is critical to the success of any investor. Diligent’s platform enables private equity firms to understand current legal terms, model scenarios, and centralize data to simplify and better inform investments.

We improve process automation and secure your most sensitive data and documents in a vault, which leads to better risk management and an increased focus on strategic initiatives versus administrative tasks.

Simplify information sharing

Good decisions require timely and accurate data at your fingertips. Diligent enables private equity boards and leadership teams to centralize meeting activities into a single location so that decisions are made with confidence.

Diligent enables remote collaboration for key processes like peer benchmarking, alignment on core ESG issues, and delivers streamlined and secure communication paths for executives.


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