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As today’s business landscape grows increasingly complex, manufacturing organizations must evolve their governance practices to keep pace. Strict regulations, alignment with shareholder interests, and mergers and acquisitions pose significant challenges for store chains, distribution companies, international consumer brands and more.


Solutions for Manufacturing Firms

Diligent’s modern governance platform enables manufacturing organizations to be more informed, secure, collaborative and purpose driven. From executives and directors to legal, operations and finance teams, Diligent’s platform empowers leaders with the insights, tools and confidence to prepare for what’s next.

Board and Leadership collaboration

With Diligent’s Board & Leadership Collaboration solution, leaders, directors and 3rd parties can drive alignment, collaborate effectively on new opportunities, and ensure compliance in the boardroom and beyond.

With secure collaboration and real-time industry and peer insights built into the world’s leading board portal, Diligent ensures manufacturing organizations can govern at the speed of business, whether they are reviewing processes around supply chain management or ensuring alignment on core ESG issues.

Operational Governance

Diligent’s Operational Governance solution helps organizations set a strong foundation for good corporate governance with a central warehouse for entity data and documents, cap table management, and compliance obligations.

File necessary registrations, manage annual renewals, and maintain compliance across all subsidiaries. Improved process automation leads to stronger risk management and increases focus on strategic initiatives versus cumbersome entity tracking.

Advanced Governance Analytics

Leaders can benchmark themselves against peers, respond more boldly to moving targets like COVID-19 and ESG and guide and defend their decisions with confidence.

With an end-to-end solution for hypothesis generation, decision-making, and results measurement, Diligent’s Advanced Governance Analytics solution helps manufacturing organizations take a data-driven approach to improving market and stakeholder perception.


Customer Testimonials


Resources & Case Studies

Case Study with General Mills

To deliver effective oversight during COVID-19, the General Mills board needed the right information at the right time delivered quickly and securely with Diligent.

Case Study with Sysco

Sysco partnered with Diligent to stay up-to-date on key activities across their entities across North America and Europe.


Events & Webinars


The Board’s Role in Driving Digital Resilience

Board members from Citi and Wells Fargo join Southern Company EVP and CIO to address how financial services leaders have navigated COVID-19.

The Climate Agenda: What the Board Needs to Know

The CEOs of Chevron, Franklin Templeton and EY discuss climate change and syncing business tradeoffs with societal and investor expectations.

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