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Diligent products provide the best of both worlds: the easiest user experience combined with world-class security. Your enterprise gets the security and control it needs, while your executives get the mobility and productivity they want. That’s how our products can securely unleash the power of information, enabling senior decision-makers to deliver the outcomes crucial to your organisation.

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Secure your company’s data

Data within our platform is protected by airtight physical security and robust encryption. Our information security processes have nine years of clean audits, and our information management security is the only board portal provider’s to have received ISO 27001 certification. We also subject our data security to rigorous third-party testing.

Choose your data hosting location

Customers’ Diligent Boards data is housed in a world-class hosting infrastructure on secure servers that are owned and operated by Diligent. Customers can host their data in Europe or North America. Choose from data hosting in Frankfurt, Germany with data disaster recovery in Düsseldorf, or data hosting in Quebec, Canada or New Jersey, US with data disaster recovery in Ontario, Canada.

Keep content in the group

Executives only get content relevant to their boards, committees or functions. When permissions can be fine-tuned down to the user and document level, you know you’ll be protected from unauthorised sharing outside the appropriate group.

Control the versions anywhere

Meetings and documents are under the strict central control of the administrator, who creates content and manages who views it. After the meeting, a final clean version can be archived.

Get mobility without the worry

When users are offline, they can view content synced to a device and make notes. Digital documents are encrypted within the security of the Diligent system, and access can be limited to specific users’ devices.

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