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Our goal is to design products that are more useful. We start by carefully studying the way humans interact with technology. Then we test. And re-test. Until we know for sure we have the most elegant solution possible – one that’s easy to configure and adapt based on your needs. It’s why our board portal is the most intuitive way to improve communications and decision-making. At the same time, it delivers practical advantages like cutting production costs, supporting sustainability goals, and saving administrative and IT time and costs.

  • Advance the Meeting Process

    Smarter workflow improves how board packs are created, structured and delivered. That way, users can spend more time making quality decisions.

  • Improve the Board’s Access

    Going far beyond simple access to meetings, materials and logistics, Diligent BoardsTM enables users to find search terms, updates, notes and prior links.

  • Execute Paperless Decisions

    Diligent BoardsTM streamlines the voting, approval and assessment process through highly customizable tools and by expanding the ability to view outstanding board actions and voting progress.

  • Unify the Online-Offline Experience

    Whether users are online or offline, they never leave the app. There are no downloads that need cleaning up later, and notes made offline sync seamlessly when users are back online.

  • Minimize Board Exposure

    Strictly enforces your organization’s document retention policies through features such as centralized removal of notes and the archiving of clean board packs after each meeting.

How You Can Benefit

Here's how our board portal can help your board and executives deliver better results. Confidentially.
  • woman_with_tabletAdministrator

    • Administrator
    • Streamline workflow with powerful tools to produce board materials and define user rights, providing you and your board with support throughout the process.
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  • Board_memberBoard Member

    • Board Member
    • Provide immediate, secure access to board materials and director comments for more effective leadership and informed decision-making, and to help users meet their fiduciary responsibilities.
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  • C_LevelC-Suite

    • C-Suite
    • Give your board and leadership teams the mobile information and tools they need anywhere, whether offline or online, to maximize both their time and value for the organization.
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  • Corporate_SecCorporate Secretary

    • Corporate Secretary
    • Streamline workflow with powerful tools that securely produce, update and facilitate delivery of board information, providing you and your board with support throughout the process.
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  • General_CounselGeneral Counsel

    • General Counsel
    • Reduce the legal exposure of your board and company by enabling policies for access rights and document handling.
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  • Indian_man_staring_at_your_computer_in_the_backgroundIT & Security Management

    • IT & Security Management
    • Help ensure the integrity, mobility and security of data across all user devices while minimizing IT service requirements.
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See Who’s Using Our Products

Here are just a few of our exceptional clients.

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Over 100,000 board members and executives trust Diligent

Diligent Boards is used by more security conscious companies in the world than any other corporate governance and collaboration solution. Many represent those industries with the highest security thresholds such as financial services, defense and healthcare.

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We do our best to meet and exceed our clients’ high standards.

Here’s what they have to say about our efforts.
  • Chantal Robitaille, General Director Legal Counsel Bombardier
  • Stan Steeghs, Corporate Secretary MN
  • Rob Bellhouse, Company Secretary & Head of Legal Lonmin

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But don't just take our word for it - here is a feed of recent customer feedback given to our customer service team.

  • Great job! Well done.

    Adina - 08/11/2015
  • Daniel was extraordinary in his initiative in reaching out to me, and making it extremely easy for me to move forward, even though I was in my car at the time. I found his level of courtesy, knowedge, patience, and helpfulness to exceed even my very highest expeectations. Please commend Daniel on my behalf, amd thank you for the setting the bar of customer service so very high. You are truly set apart as a company. Thank you.

    Cathy - 08/11/2015
  • Immediate support available late at night able quickly to resolve my query – very impressed.

    Robin - 08/11/2015
  • Atina answered all my questions. great service!

    Tammy - 08/11/2015
  • Thank you, great service!

    Deborah - 08/11/2015
  • outstanding

    Bruno - 08/11/2015
  • Eric was incredibly patient with me……for this I am grateful !

    Avtar - 08/11/2015
  • Knowledgeable and very efficient. My compliments!!

    Rein - 08/11/2015
  • agent with a lovely & warm sense of humour thank you!

    Claudia - 08/11/2015
  • Excellent service as always!

    Cheryl - 08/11/2015

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