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The world’s leading Board Meeting Software solution to securely create, distribute and collaborate on board meeting materials.

Diligent board meeting software is trusted by over 140,000 directors and executives to run more effective board meetings.

Improve governance, simplify your life, upgrade security and start running paperless meetings today with our secure Diligent Board Portal!

  • Secure Access

    Secure Access

    Keep sensitive documents safe inside of Diligent's end-to-end secure platform

  • Unparalleled Simplicity

    Unparalleled Simplicity

    Designed to be incredibly easy to use and easy to adopt on your tablet or PC

  • World-class Service

    World-class Service

    Award-winning 24/7 support and unlimited onboarding anywhere around the globe

diligent boards
Diligent board portal software offers a set of features thoughtfully yet simply designed around the needs of boards.
Features at a Glance
Current & Archived Books
Agenda and materials for current and past meetings
Resource Center
Repository of your organization’s governance info
Highly customizable questionnaires with analysis tools
Contacts, Calendar & Meetings
Manage member directory, meeting calendar and logistics
Remote Lock
Deny access to a device or user’s documents
Training/materials in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Chinese (simplified)
Multiple Boards
Enable a single sign-on for members on multiple boards
Doc Workflow (Collaboration)
Editing, approvals, version control and member notifications
Quick Build (Smart Build)
Drag and drop just once to build an entire book
Groups (Group Spaces)
Define access by board/committee and control documents
Voting & Signature (Approval)
View new votes and voting status, and vote with signature
Current & Archived Books
Agenda and materials for current and past meetings
Enable, disable or remove board members’ annotations
Resource Center
Repository of your organization’s governance info
Contacts, Calendar & Meetings
Directory of members, calendar and meeting logistics
Link History
Link back to all the page links you’ve previously viewed
Remote Lock
You’re protected in the event any device is lost or stolen
Highly customizable questionnaires with analysis tools
Online/Offline (Unified)
Never leave the app for a seamless online-offline experience
iPad app available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Chinese (simplified)

Secure Access

Permissions to access data within our platform can be fine-tuned down to a user and document level to prevent unauthorized sharing outside of the platform. Digital documents are encrypted, and access can be limited to specific users' devices. When users lose connection, their functionality capabilities will remain and the same level of security applies until the portal resumes connection.

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Customer Success

Diligent's award winning Customer Success organization comprises of over 70 individuals who speak more than six languages. Each client is assigned a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers. We provide 1:1 training, new feature tutorials, and live help any time you need it on our 24/7/365 support line.

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  • What to look for in a board portal?

    There are five key areas you should pay attention to when evaluating board portal technology vendors. These are security, adoptability, service, reputation and functionality. For private, public, nonprofit and government boards alike, finding an app that excels across all five categories will lead to better electronic security and a more productive board.

  • What should I look for in terms of security when evaluating board portal vendors?

    Security is the #1 worry of boards adopting a new technology. If you want a secure solution, you need state-of-the-art security methodologies and encryption, not just another file management system.

  • Why is adoptability important when evaluating board portal vendors?

    Adoptability is also important. If the app you choose isn’t adopted, it’s a wasted investment that may leave you less secure than you were before. For an application to be embraced by your board, it needs to be accessible from a multitude of devices, easy-to-use, and accompanied by live support at any time.

  • How can I evaluate the service quality of a board portal vendor?

    Excellent customer service is necessary at the outset to train the administrator and end users, and remains a vital component on a continued basis. Choose a vendor that has at least 10 years’ experience in the corporate governance space so you can be sure that they understand the pain points of both directors and administrators, and can properly address them.

  • How can I evaluate the reputation of a board portal vendor?

    To ensure security, adoptability and service, it’s important to work with a leader in the space. Choose a company that is used by the best, has been recognized and certified for its quality, and has the financial stability to be a long-term partner.

  • What should I look for in terms of functionality when evaluating board portals?

    Basic functionality, like accessing your board books online or offline, seems simple, but may not be offered by a potential vendor. From viewing and signing documents to having the ability to vote on items and share notes with colleagues, apps with governance-focused features can help your board collaborate productively and securely.

  • How do you get a board to adopt a board portal?

    Every onboarding experience should be customized for each individual end user. This means offering a variety of training types and styles, and unlimited, one-on-one and/or in-person training. Ongoing support is also critical to the sustained adoption of the tool. Support should be provided for the duration of your contract and never for an additional fee.

  • How does a board portal solution compare to email and paper solutions?

    Board members need to have access to and be able to review large volumes of sensitive and confidential data. Information available in paper format can easily be lost, stolen or misplaced, resulting in security risks. Free email service providers are insecure and can make confidential information vulnerable to phishing attacks or password hacks.

  • What security features are included in the Diligent Boards solution?

    We don’t rely on any third-party plug-ins or browser add-ins that could introduce security vulnerabilities. Customer data is encrypted when transmitted or stored – either in the data center or elsewhere — and encrypted data is never stored or transmitted with the encryption key. All servers and client data-store components in the system are securely isolated from each other.

  • Is Diligent Boards the right solution for my industry?

    Diligent’s board portal has been built to meet the exacting specifications and security requirements of leading companies in a wide range of industries, including banking, defense and healthcare. Diligent continues to enhance the platform and strengthen its security.

  • How does Diligent compare to other providers?

    -Exceptional client support. Our multilingual award-winning customer success team provides unlimited 1:1 administrator and director training. In addition, the Diligent Support team provides 24/7/365 assistance to users.

    -Unique product features. Our platform features functionality unseen in other solutions, including an in-app document editor, customizable question flows for questionnaires, a messenger chat module, a D&O module, and a seamless transition from online to offline mode.

  • What features make Diligent Boards unique for Administrators?

    -Quick Build allows you to simply and quickly build a board book and deliver it instantly to directors.

    -The Note Saver allows you to make changes to a board book up to the last minute.

    -EasyEdit is a word processor that allows for documents to be created and edited.

    -E-Voting allows book readers to vote on business using a digital signature.

    -The Resource Center is where your board’s library of reference and governance materials is stored.

  • What features make Diligent Boards unique for Directors?

    -Offline mode means when users lose connection, their functionality capabilities and level of security will remain.

    -Shared notes allow directors to annotate documents during review and to share them with other users.

    -E-Voting provides the ability to upload documents that Directors can vote on.

    -The simple interface of the platform is very intuitive and easy-to-use — minimal training is required to get up to speed on the functionality.

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