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What's New with Diligent

Diligent listens to your feedback and monitors the evolving landscape to ensure our solutions continue to meet your governance needs. Join us on June 3rd at 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT for our upcoming webinar on What's New with Diligent.

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Administrator Training

Join your peers and Diligent Training Specialists for our educational sessions focused on the key featured you need to know about.

Director Training

Learn how to navigate and annotate meeting materials, submit resolutions, and discover the latest features in Diligent Boards.

Administrator Enhancements

What's New for Administrative Users

With frequent enhancements, Web Admin is the core platform for administrative users.

Notifications and Document Sharing

When sending a book notification, select a specific page link in addition to the book link to align with any changes or new documents in the book. Additionally, share links for specific documents in the resource center.

Site Management

Maintain control over site management properties within your administrative team. Set timeout extensions, update user types as well as their ability to vote, export and print, and enhance your ability to update information impacting user authentication.

Agenda Builder Enhancements

Add a specific logo to the agenda through Agenda Builder to keep your agenda consistent with the branding for a meeting or committee.

Additional Authentication

To provide an additional layer of security and efficiencies when logging into Diligent, we now offer External SSO and SMS two-factor authentication. For clients leveraging device authorization today, this provides extra security to ensure access to Web Admin product experience.
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Director Enhancements

What's New for Directors & Executives

Director Dashboard

View critical governance information at a glance directly from the home screen of Director Web, including new and updated documents, actionable items, and the latest news and resources.

Communication & Collaboration

Secure Communication

Governance Analytics

More from Below the Governance Iceberg

Cyber Risk Scorecard

A curated cyber risk rating available directly through the Diligent Boards application. With an easy-to-understand grade scale, directors can easily understand, communicate, and improve their cybersecurity posture.

Executive Compensation Solutions

With exclusive access to Glass Lewis’ latest compensation model and the ability to search millions of datapoints in public disclosures, companies design more favorable executive compensation plans for shareholders.

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