Preparing for the Next Normal: Business Continuity and Risk During COVID-19

Companies at the leading edge of modern governance, responded to the current crisis with confidence - and while they couldn't anticipate COVID-19 and its global impact, were able to act swiftly and with assurance. Swift, confident action even enabled some of these companies to mitigate the downside effects while uncovering other ways to grow – while others are still formulating their initial response. For others who haven’t modernized their approach, this crisis has highlighted underlying inefficiencies and an inability to be agile. As many are now learning, the cost of reactively responding to a crisis can be much greater than having taken a proactive stand. When the dust settles, those companies cannot afford to settle for where they were before COVID-19. They need to put steps in place now to learn from past mistakes and be prepared for next time, embracing the forward-thinking and proactive measures demanded by modern governance.