Premium Questionnaires: D&O Questionnaires & Board Evaluations

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Best Practices for D&O and Board Evaluations in a Virtual World

While board evaluations and D&O questionnaires processes serve a different purpose, their methods — and pain points — are largely the same. Governance professionals often struggle with:

• Engagement: Chasing down responses from board members
• Security: Ensuring disclosed information stays protected
• Inefficiencies: Navigating manual or paper-based processes that waste valuable time
• Benchmarking: Staying abreast of how leading organizations are evolving their practices, particularly with board evaluations

In this guide, we outline best practices and key considerations for the months ahead.

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Explore Diligent's Premium Questionnaires Solution

Organizations routinely need a way to facilitate feedback and data collection from their directors and leadership teams. Diligent enables easy collection and analysis of survey and questionnaire data, like D&O filings and board evaluations - all within the security and ease of Diligent Boards.

Latest Product Enhancements for Premium Questionnaires

Building and managing questionnaires has always been a tedious process with added pressure from regulatory and organizational requirements. That’s why we’ve enhanced the questionnaire builder functionality to easily facilitate this process.

Why Diligent Customers Choose Premium Questionnaires

Our customers leverage Diligent’s Premium Questionnaire solutions to enhance their evaluation and compliance needs, while embracing modern governance. Whether they're streamlining D&O questionnaires or analyzing board performance, the benefits are endless.

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