Modern Governance Summit On-Demand

Explore free on-demand panels and session recordings from Diligent’s Modern Governance Summit 2020, the premier governance event.

Modern Governance:
The How-To Guide

Diligent’s 2020 Modern Governance Summit created a virtual space for executives and legal and governance professionals from across the globe to come together and share insights and best practices.

To help you come away from the event with something concrete and usable, we’ve created a How-To Guide for modern governance that offers critical takeaways, session details and actionable insights across our three core tracks: Strategy & Governance, Security & Collaboration, and Risk & Accountability.

Security & Collaboration

The rapid shift to virtual work has exposed an entirely new set of risks and opportunities. Learn how other organizations are addressing vulnerabilities and reimagining processes.

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Strategy & Governance

Discover the strategic advantage that comes with modern governance best practices. Drive business outcomes, plan for success and build resilience in an era of uncertainty.

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Risk & Accountability

Safeguard your organization’s reputation by remaining compliant and enabling quick action in the face of a crisis. Maintain transparency as you highlight key commitments and progress.

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The CIO Experience

Leading CIOs who support corporate technology, legal and compliance functions share how they’re helping drive digital transformation and manage operational risk in their organizations.