Make the Most of Diligent Messenger

Diligent Messenger is integral to mitigating against cyber risks by ensuring all sensitive communications remain secure. Ensure you are making the most of Diligent Messenger.

How to Implement Diligent Messenger

Company leaders are among the most attractive targets for cyber criminals given the sensitive information they possess. Get started with Diligent Messenger today to ensure all sensitive communications remain secure.

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Diligent Messenger Best Practices

When sensitive topics and issues are in discussion, secure messaging is more important than ever. Watch this short 15-minute on-demand video to help you understand how to best leverage Messenger across your organization.

Messenger How-To Webinar

Watch an on-demand webinar to discover how to get started with Diligent Messenger, how to send a secure attachment and much more.


Secure Collaboration Command Center

Protect and secure your organization’s communications while working remotely with Diligent Messenger.

Messenger User Guide

Share this with your directors and executives to get them started with Diligent Messenger.
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Discover How Your Peers Use Diligent Messenger

2020 has been an unprecedented year, with a time of change for all of us. At Diligent, we strive to be there for our customers and emerge stronger on the other side, as a partnership. As many adjust to the new norm of remote work, maintaining the highest levels of security standards around board materials and virtual meetings is crucial for all – now, more than ever.


How General Mills Uses Messenger

Diligent Messenger enables General Mills’ board to get important information to directors while keeping it away from prying eyes and hackers. Directors receive messages through a single application they can access securely from any approved device. Diligent Messenger functionality mirrors text messaging with the ability to send attachments.

Secure Communication Tips

In crisis mode, there is a need to share files and communicate quickly and more securely than ever before. Learn best practice tips from your peers.


Video Resources

As we adjust to the new norm of remote work, maintaining the highest of security standards around board materials and virtual meetings through Diligent Messenger is more important than ever. These on demand enable you to get the most from Diligent during this unprecedented time.


View Only Attachments

Discover how to use the view only attachments feature in Messenger to send attachments that cannot be saved, exported, screen-shotted, or exported to ensure documents remain private.

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Additional Resources for You

Check out the Diligent Help Center for how to guides, videos, reference articles and more.


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