Why Diligent?

The market-leading board portal allowing unparalleled board management with simplicity and functionality to mitigate risk and enable effective governance.

With Diligent you’ll have searchable libraries of investment reports, earning statements, easy-to-execute D&O questionnaires, streamlined and secure communications, to name just a few features. Diligent understands what boards need today to uphold their responsibilities with features built to accommodate you. Our platform has real-time updates with constant improvements that respond to the evolving complexities of governance, risk, and compliance.


Simple ✓

With single sign-on access, real-time updates and 24/7/365 mobile collaboration, Diligent board portal software gives directors the information they need, when they need it, for swifter, more informed decision-making. For administrators, intuitive tools and customizable archives mean more efficient, effective information delivery—supported by remote wiping if a device is lost or stolen.

Discover how Diligent accommodates administrators, directors, executives, and general counsel.


Secure ✓

In today’s climate of escalating security risk and increasingly high stakes, boards can’t leave security to chance. Diligent delivers peace of mind with state-of-the-art encryption, data storage, access controls and more. Learn more about Diligent’s security for boards and secure communications.


Service ✓

Board portal software reviews and 160,000-plus users worldwide agree: Diligent knows boards. With our proven track record of serving corporate, financial, education, healthcare, and nonprofit clients worldwide, we understand how to bring efficiency, productivity, and power to corporate governance. Through our two decades supporting the work of directors, executives, administrators, general counsel, and IT/security teams, we’ve become the industry’s trusted name for secure, streamlined, 24/7/365 board portals, apps and software.