Governance Maturity Checklist

To fully meet the rising standards of stakeholder capitalism, business leaders must have a grasp of all the workflows, insights, policies and moving parts that make up an organization, its governance and its activities. Without this “big picture,” leaders may fail to make the right decisions at critical times and can expose their organizations to extremely costly governance deficits and operational risks. This checklist is organized into the four core competencies of modern governance, and the best practices that correspond to each:

  • Board & Committee Effectiveness
  • Security & Communication
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Data & Intelligence

Use this free checklist to evaluate where your organization boasts best-in-class governance practices, and to identify potential governance deficits that may be holding it back.

Used by high performing companies across multiple industries

This checklist will discuss:

Board & Committee Effectiveness

To future-proof the organization for the challenges ahead, board performance and composition are key.

Security & Communication

Maintaining security without sacrificing effective communication is a foundational element of modern governance best practices.

Risk & Compliance

Expanding regulations, political uncertainty and cyber threats all contribute to a heightened profile of organizational risk.

Data & Intelligence

Organizations that practice modern governance are leveraging technology and data solutions for everything from board recruiting to ESG reporting to compensation benchmarking.

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