Corporate Compliance

As compliance laws grow increasingly complex with higher stakes for getting it right, boards need reporting tools that keep them compliant and ahead of the game.

Online surveys don’t always enable customised questions and reporting that is specifically for governance. Excel spreadsheets can be cumbersome to administer. Additionally, outside consultants need ample time to get up to speed on your organisation, which may not be the best use of resources.

The Need: integration and efficiency

Multiple applications for questionnaires, analysis, communications and reports add up to headaches for administrators, IT departments and directors who often don’t have time to install or learn multiple software programs. Some users may put sensitive data at risk with workarounds like the use of personal email for board communications. Others may find themselves falling short in terms of preparing for meetings or upholding the responsibilities of their role.

Meanwhile administrators are challenged to keep on top of escalating reporting requirements accurately and efficiently. Valuable data risks slip through the cracks when compliance tasks operate in silos.

The Answer: one intuitive tool to manage it all

What if all this functionality was available through one online portal with questionnaires and reports pre-loaded? Must-haves would include integration with other board functions, seamless referencing and a user-friendly interface that lowers the learning curve for administrators and directors. Features would have a solid grounding in corporate compliance and ethics to accommodate the fine details of how boards really work.

Solutions guided by global insight

Diligent draws from our corporate compliance experience with over 145,000 users worldwide to simplify the reporting process and deliver peace of mind. Diligent Evaluations is the result, seamlessly integrating with Diligent Boards and the Diligent Messenger communications app for efficient and effective compliance reporting.

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Diligent Evaluations

put board self-assessment data at your fingertips

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Diligent Messenger

access secure communications