Diligent vs. Nasdaq BoardVantage

Diligent (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) is the only modern governance vendor - over 16,000 global companies rely on us - that is thinking about the future by launching 6 new products in the last 12 months. We are dedicated to constantly investing in our offerings to better fit the growing needs of organizations to have the right tools, insights and analytics to drive success.

Boardroom Needs
Nasdaq BoardVantage
Board Portal
Industry leading board portal trusted by 7,200 global clients and used by over 50% of the Fortune 1000.

Diligent Boards provides boards with integrated company analytics, industry insights and company news the minute you log in
Trusted by nearly 4,000 public, private and non-profit organizations worldwide. Does not come with built-in company analytics, industry insights or company news 1
Real-Time Governance Data Tool
Real-time industry and company analytics, curated news and director resources to stay current to match the fast pace of business

A free version allows your board to get aggregated company news in real-time
No available tool that integrates with their board portal 2
Director & Officer Questionnaires/Conflict of Interest Forms
Integrated to easily provide and confirm accurate disclosure by providing D&O reporting and conflict of interest forms in a safe and secure environment
Self-service & full-service from 3rd party vendor 2
Board Meeting Minutes Software
Integrated to streamline minute taking workflow, connecting the board of directors and all board committees to achieve good governance
No available tool that integrates with their board portal 2
Board Assessment Tool
Integrated evaluation software to help directly manage and analyze board assessments to create actionable insights, improving board performance & effectiveness
Self-service & full-service from 3rd party vendor 2
Board Succession Planning & Board Refreshment
Diligent's Nom Gov application provides your nom/gov committee instant insights into their board’s composition and competitor benchmarks, supporting search firms to identify potential candidates and seamlessly refresh the board when necessary
No available tool that integrates with their board portal 2
Entity Management Software
Diligent Entities enables organizations to centralize and manage their corporate subsidiary data management to simplify entity governance throughout the entire organization improving compliance and mitigating risk

There is an available integration with Diligent Boards
No available entity management tool & no available entity software integration with their board portal 2
Secure Communications
Diligent Messenger integrates with Diligent Boards to enable secure messaging and real-time collaboration with the ability to add attachments
Fully-integrated messenger tool is only available within BoardVantage, it is not available for standalone use outside of Nasdaq board portal 2

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