Cybersecurity Risk and Your Board

Cybersecurity issues are increasingly gaining attention in boardroom conversations. CXOs need to be more aware of how to prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats resulting from their board activities. Cybersecurity breaches can have a major impact on shareholder value and corporate brand reputations. The proposed Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015 demonstrates how this issue is now on the forefront of corporate governance. Leading companies are using best of breed secure cloud based solutions to improve the security, effectiveness and efficiency of board operations.

We will focus on sharing lessons learned on these topics:

  • Cyber risk education, preparation and oversight as it relates to board activities
  • The relationship between boards and CISOs
  • Examples of how board security breaches negatively impacted organizations
  • Learn foundational principles every board director needs to know for cyber risk oversight
  • How leading public, private and nonprofit organizations are using tech to improve board performance

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