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As organizations across the globe have adjusted to working from home, senior leadership teams are relying on business-as-usual collaboration tools to manage confidential meetings with internal and external parties. However, due to lack of proper security protocols and controls resulting in human error, these confidential materials and data are often exposed to leakage or attack.


Executive leaders and their teams need a more secure platform to exchange sensitive information, deliberate and make decisions rapidly and securely. With the materials in the Confidential Meeting Security Hub, ensure that your company’s confidential leadership, executive and board meetings – and the conversations, communications, documents and workflows that support them – remain private and secure in order to reduce risk.

In this Security Hub, you'll have access to top resources including:

  • [Whitepaper] Confidential Meetings & Workflows: A Guide to Best Practices
  • [How-To Videos] Using Diligent to Conduct Virtual Meetings, Voting, and Collaboration
  • [Case Study] How Liberty Mutual Uses Diligent to Manage Confidential Data
  • …and more.

Get Prepared

The future of secure work is here. Are you ready?

Our new work world is entirely distributed, remote and digital. Directors, executives and leadership teams are sharing sensitive materials over insecure channels like email. Diligent’s confidential meeting security protocols enable risk-free virtual meetings in and out of the boardroom, to prevent sensitive information from cyber breaches.

Security & Privacy

Collaborate Securely in Remote Environments

For the first time, companies are hosting confidential meetings virtually. Along with board meetings, leadership teams are struggling to host committee, shareholder, and executive meetings remotely – while staying secure and legally compliant. Diligent offers secure solutions to support these private meetings throughout their entire lifecycle.


Diligent’s Confidential Meeting Security Solution Includes:

  • Minutes: Manage your minutes review process from start to finish
  • Messenger: Secure email alternative for directors and executives
  • Secure File Sharing: End-to-end secure data storage, sharing and collaboration
  • Secure Meeting Workflow: Automate meeting workflows with status updates

Manage your confidential virtual meetings more effectively.

Protect your company's confidential meetings and collateral with the resources and solutions in the Confidential Meetings Security Hub. Access now!

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