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Secure File Sharing



Diligent Messenger

Communicate securely and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Messenger provides a dedicated secure communications infrastructure for confidential information exchanges to take place.

Diligent Secure File Sharing

Establish a secure repository where stakeholders can collaborate on confidential materials.

Secure File Sharing works for each sensitive use case or partnership (e.g., M&A, external audit) to safeguard and maintain control over confidential documents.

Diligent Minutes

Make minutes management more efficient and secure.

Diligent Minutes streamlines the collection, review, and memorialization of minutes, all within the security framework and workflow of your Diligent solution.

Diligent Boards

Facilitate effective, confidential virtual meetings on a dedicated, secure meeting platform.

With Diligent’s confidential meeting solution, encourage meeting participation and engagement with electronic voting & resolutions, comments, and annotations that can be kept private or shared.

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"Concise place for data, easy to use on iPad"

Financial Services


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“Before Diligent I was printing and mailing 50 copies of Executive presentations and materials every month. Diligent is a one-stop deposit of information that I can share with key stakeholders at once, and download a copy of the final report. I can go into Diligent to update and distribute any materials in minutes.”

Diligent User

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“This software has made us more organized, professional and accountable. The fact that it seems like it has its own intuitive mind and does things that just make life so much easier, and really demonstrates how to conduct a successful meeting without paper.”

Non-Profit Organization Management