Excel in your role as CHRO with Diligent.

Many CHROs lack the secure communications infrastructure to collaborate on highly sensitive human capital initiatives.

9:00 AM

Shannon is alerted to a change in her company’s health score.

A curated newsfeed shows Shannon a series of negative press based on a study ranking ZED Corp last on the Pharmaceutical Diversity Index.

10:00 AM

Shannon receives a message.

Shannon receives and responds to a confidential message from Stacy, the board’s General Counsel, about tracking towards the company’s inclusion goals.

11:00 AM

Shannon reviews performance on company’s inclusion goals.

Shannon creates a secure Data Room to review documentation showing that ZED is on track to meet 30 of its 40 inclusion goals.

12:00 PM

Shannon compiles a report and uploads to the company’s board portal.

Shannon securely distributes the inclusion compliance report to all members of the board for review.

2:00 PM

Shannon researches new board candidates.

Shannon searches for two new board candidates based on a specific set of demographic and experience criteria that will help them meet their inclusion goals faster.

3:00 PM

Shannon sends the recommended candidates to nominating committee.

After compiling her top board candidates, Shannon securely distributes them solely to nominating committee board members for review.

5:00 PM

Shannon receives a message

Shannon taps on the message notification to read another confidential message from Stacy, the GC.

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