Excel in your role as CMO with Diligent.

Many CMOs lack the secure infrastructure that they need to collaborate with other key stakeholders on strategic initiatives.

7:30 AM

Rachel receives a notification.

Based on her customized settings, Rachel receives an alert that their company’s health score is trending downward.

8:00 AM

Rachel engages legal with a secure message.

After briefing her team, Rachel sends a message to Matti, the board’s general counsel.

8:30 AM

Rachel checks in with her team on the status of the press statement.

Rachel logs into the secure room and sees the finished statement with new edits from the CHRO and CFO before sharing with the PR committee on a common Word document.

9:30 AM

Rachel checks on the company’s health score.

From her dashboard view, Rachel sees that the company’s health score is still negative, reinforcing the urgency to get the statement to the press.

10:30 AM

Rachel submits company statement for a vote.

Following input from the PR committee, Rachel uploads the finalized company statement and sends it out for a full board vote.

11:30 AM

Rachel submits a press release to a national wire service.

Upon unanimous board approval of the statement, Rachel securely and directly shares the press release to a national wire service.

1:00 PM

Rachel monitors her company’s sentiment score for any changes.

Rachel sees a positive shift in her company’s sentiment score. Markets are responding positively to the press release.

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