4 Steps to More Effective Entity Governance

A Roadmap to Entity Governance Maturity

The general counsel (GC) and legal operations department are uniquely positioned to serve as strategic advisors. Managing multiple entities and maintaining compliance across multiple jurisdictions gives them deep insight into risk management. Meanwhile, their work across the enterprise allows them to spot proactive opportunities for growth.

Use this roadmap as a step-by-step guide for how GCs can turn their advantageous perspective into a strategic superpower – and practice mature, modern governance within their organizations.

Used by high performing companies across multiple industries

This roadmap will cover:

Single Source of Truth

Your organization will spot and act on opportunities faster if all departments are drawing from the same data well.

Centralized Record

Unite business units around the centralized record, which supports data collection, visibility, oversight and collaboration across the enterprise.

Easy-to-Find Information

Self-service and operational efficiency are key.


Automation makes the general counsel more efficient and strategic, allowing them to deliver more value to the board and their organization.

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