2020 Executive Compensation: The TSX in 10 Charts

Canadians from across the country have been confronted with the consequences of COVID-19. One important corporate governance structure that was emphasized during this difficult time is a company’s resilience and crisis management.

As a result of the pandemic, executive pay has been in the spotlight more than ever, as stakeholders question whether executives are sharing the pain of the pandemic with the rest of their employees.

Diligent's pay for performance analysis dives into the TSX 240 to understand how organizations reacted to the pandemic and uncover key notable trends.

Used by high performing companies across multiple industries

This report will cover:

COVID & Company Response

Companies with CEO pay cut.

Sector Analysis of Pay for Performance

How aligned are issuers in their sector?

Overview of Compensation Growth

How do companies in Canada pay their CEOs compared to other global economies sampled?

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