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2017 was a new high-water mark for cybercrime – half of Americans had their Social Security numbers stolen, WannaCry ransomware impacted thousands of businesses around the world, and all 3 billion of Yahoo! Mail’s customers had their information stolen. Damages from data breaches now range in the billions, and are estimated to exceed $6 trillion by 2021, according to CSO Online. It’s no wonder that Inc. Magazine declared 2017 as “The Year of the Hack.”

It’s fair to say that most corporate board members understand that cyber risk is a giant issue, but few are fully up-to-speed on the full scope of how data breaches can impact the company’s bottom line. As Warren Buffett put it, “I don’t know that much about cyber, but I do think that’s the number one problem with mankind.”

Join Jeff Welgan, Head of Executive Training Programs at CyberVista and Dottie Schindlinger, VP & Governance Technology Evangelist at Diligent for a briefing on the top cyber issues looming in 2018. In 30 minutes, we’ll provide a ‘quick and dirty’ version of 5 issues for boards to address in the coming year to ensure their organization is safe, in compliance, and responsive to possible cyberattacks. Our top 5 list includes:

  1. Regulation – new laws are aimed at stopping cybercrime, while holding corporate leaders accountable
  2. Threat Environment – from phishing, to ransomware, to IoT attacks, the threat landscape is evolving in frightening new ways
  3. Security Focus for Leaders – training, security audits, and tabletop exercises should be the ‘new normal’ for directors and executives
  4. Board/IT Collaboration – expect to see more of your CIO, CSO, and CISO in the boardroom in 2018
  5. The End of Complacency – directors have been making strides, and 2018 is the time to push the gas pedal to the floor