Is it Time to Upgrade Your Board Portal?

Diligent Host: Good morning everyone and thanks for taking the time to join today’s webinar with Diligence. For those that joined our webinar in early February where we showed you how to build board meeting books in just a few minutes we hope you found it useful. Today’s webinar is a natural continuation of this where we will explore in more detail some of the more advanced features of our solution. I am part of the marketing team here at Diligent and today I’m joined by my colleague Fredrik Wingren who heads up our sales and business development team in the Nordics.

Before we get started today I have a couple of housekeeping notes. This webinar should last about 30 minutes, it will be recorded and a replay will be sent to everybody that registered within the next 24 hours. Please feel free to forward this along to any of your colleagues who are not able to join us today. Also feel free to ask a question at any time. You can do so through the ask the question pane on the right hand side of your screen. At the end of the demonstration we’ll answer as many questions as we can and anything we don’t get to will be answered via e-mail.

Before we get started today we’ll be interested to know how most of you are currently distributing your board materials so I’m just going to open a quick poll here and I would appreciate it if you could choose the answer most appropriate to you so that options you have here are documents are printed and distributed via courier. PDF documents are distributed via e-mail, drop box, share point or other file sharing solutions, custom developed in-house tools or a board portal such as a Diligent.

It looks like everybody has voted so let me just bring up those results for you all to see. A very interesting split so some people are using a board portal already that’s fantastic news, hopefully it’s a Diligent solution but the other 50% are using PDF documents. Hopefully today’s demonstration will help you see how a board portal will be able to help you. Moving on I’m going to pass you over to Fredrik.

Fredrik: Good morning everyone so happy to have you all tuning in to join this webinar, my name is Fredrik Wingren, I currently head up the business development and sales operation in the Nordics so would you like to proceed with a demonstration or an on site visit I am the probably the person that you will meet.

Diligent Host: Fredrik sorry just to interrupt we can’t see your screen at the moment so you may just want to share it with us.

Fredrik: There we are is it visible now?

Diligent Host: Absolutely.

Fredrik: Okay. The best thing with these webinars is that you can tune in from all over the Nordics and Northern Europe. The bad thing is that you have to have all the working. Now it is working so I hope everyone can see the same screen that I see. Of course then you see the agenda and this is what we’re going to talk about today. As explained the last webinar we had was regarding how to build a book and to assemble a book material and now we will go into a bit more in depth and see how you could use the different features as collaboration features, note making, doing electronic votes and signatures and also how to make and fill out questionnaires and surveys within the portal.

We will also have you look into what it really means being a client within Diligent, a bit about our customer success team and a bit about the company in general. Moving forward I would like you to please note that I’m going to share my screen here and what you will hopefully see is a copy of my iPad. This is the iPad screen and what it shows is what the product actually looks like on an iPad, the board portal. As you can see here at the top this is the company called Alpha Albi and if you’re a member of several boards and these different companies use Diligent you can have the same login and platform for all the different companies so we have a lot of clients that have that available for different companies.

Now we are in one company it’s called Alpha and they have a set up here, they have a main board, they have an audit committee, they have an executive committee and you have a gold copy and a special committee. That’s a feature that’s very convenient of that set up in your company. If we push this button up to the left we will go through how the book is built up how the portal is built up. We are actually going to have access to the current books, the archive, I have a resource center where you have the availability to see all of the information that could be interesting for new board members and of course you have unlimited storage within this board portal. It’s available to upload any materials that you might like.

A lot of people actually go and digitize their old material and their board material so they put their archive up there into this platform. In the contact center you could also see the features of who are on the board how to contact them et cetera so that’s very convenient in that way. Moving along you can also see that you can filter out in the contact so if you want to see only the people on the board you can do that, if you want to see the whole company you can see that, so that’s very convenient. If I would like to for instance e-mail anyone on the board I could do that using this contact center. For any person coming outside of the company it’s very convenient because you don’t have that access to the company directory at all times.

As I mentioned I will go through both the questionnaires and the voting procedure following this webinar. Let’s move into one of these books and the current material. Here we have a queue for meeting we can go push on the star and it takes us directly to the agenda and what I’d like to point out this works exactly like an iPad would if I flip the screen the screen flips. Taking me from horizontal to landscape mode. If I were to tab on the side here just tap like this it will flip through. It’s also available to do I can zoom in and zoom out so it works very much like a book.

If I would like to go to a specific page I could just mark that like 45 I could go. If I would like to see the whole structure of the book I could do that as well by tapping the button over here. It will take me and I will see the full structure either collapsed like this or expanded tabs. Then I could follow the agenda and easily orient myself around the book so that’s very convenient.

Looking at this page has a lot of interesting numbers and I might as a director want to highlight some of these numbers. For that reason we have a pen symbol over here so if I push on that pen symbol I can actually choose to have the highlight. If someone has any trouble seeing my full screen what you do is on the panel for this meeting you can choose to minimize it by using an orange little arrow looking button. If you push that button it will minimize so you will see the full screen. What I’ll do is I’ll just push on this highlight and I can choose any colors from pink to yellow. I really like this comment so I will do it in green. I can do highlights like this if it’s something I don’t approve of I can do it in pink.

Of course if it’s something I want to emphasize with a pen I can do that as well. It’s easily done just circle it in so it works very much like a paper would. The only difference is that of course it’s able to be saved, it’s always saved at all times any notes you make so you don’t have to be conscious that it won’t be saved. That’s very convenient so we will draw that up too. If I want to make a more elaborate note I can use this by using the sticky note and it allows me to either type down any questions I might have or actually to dictate so I could dictate and ask are these numbers correct. That’s very convenient.

Of course if I would like to it’s possible for me to actually share this note so I go from private or I could go to publish it to everyone on the board. This is very convenient because then you can make the pre-meeting process reading into the material a dynamic one and a collaborative one but I don’t want it to publish it to everyone I just want to discuss this with my numbers people so I’m going to Sarah and Alex this question.

It asked me now is it okay to publish it and yes it’s okay to publish it and I will put in a question mark there, there we go. I press share and what happens is they will get the exact same note in their respective material. When they go into the material on page 45 wherever I place this note I can place it anywhere because it’s a sticky note, they will get asked this question. If they answer it the answer will go up like a private very highly secure chapter. That’s very convenient and you can make preparations in front of the meeting. If you would like to bookmark this page I can easily do so just marking it. That works very convenient.

Well I think I’ve given you a brief introduction now to what the board portal looks like and how it can be collaborative and make notes. What I would like to do now I would like to show some of more of the enhanced features on how to really use the questionnaire model and also how to go through voting. Before we do that I would like to ask you if you’re voting or surveys are made electronically today, how do you do this today? The alternatives are yes the voting and surveys are made electronically, only voting is made electronically, only surveys are done electronically, or neither is true or maybe it’s not applicable on your board. I look forward to seeing those answers coming in.

Okay so we had a couple of different answers there and what I see is I see actually none do both voting and service electronically. Some of you do voting electronically, some of you do service. What can we take from that? The interesting thing is in this system, in Diligent, you can actually do both. That’s usually valuable when it comes to actually seeing what your current situation in the board looks like.

For instance what do people think about traveling or if you have to do a mandatory board evaluation service of course then it’s very effective. In the questionnaires model looks like this you have a board satisfaction survey and you upload that, it’s not uploading correctly but I will just try to move into maybe a different version here. I’ll actually show you also what it will look like on my PC here.

There we go this is actually the application but for a personal computer so if we move into the questionnaires here we have to try to upload that. This is basically done so you can have multiple choice questions or you can have pre-questions and pre-populated. How many follows your work? I would say it’s very meaningful, challenging, very challenging especially when it comes to technology. Go to the next page and you will just submit it. This was a pretty short survey you can do it for short or more elaborate and if it’s done more elaborate and if it’s many questions and if you do it maybe every year, a very easy way to actually take advantage of the system is to duplicate the service from previous years.

You could do electronic surveys from year to year and you can actually compare the answers coming in so you can see if you have a new setup of the board if that takes in effect. What this setup it’s very similar to the one on the iPad and on the PC you have the current, the archive, the resource center, your contacts, calendar, questionnaires etcetera. Go to current books you can actually see that some updates are being made here, I could guess which maybe our notes from done on the iPad will appear here, it probably well yeah I could see that.

If we were to show the whole thing in progress we would actually see it just happening and the symbol of the voting and it will take us to the voting and it’s a written consent and on the signature page here you can see if we move ahead one here. Here if you tap that you can either vote for, you can vote against or you can abstain.

If you vote for you just get a confirmation there and your vote is handled. That’s very convenient when it comes to situations like are you interested in signing attendance it’s an agreement that you need signatures for and that’s very convenient in that sense. What I would also like to show you if it’s possible here is actually how to get those signatures into the system. I will try to.

Moving forward I’ve talked to you a bit about how to be collaborative and how to make the notes, how to do the voting and also to know how to make signatures, also how you can use the board portal to do surveys and questionnaires. I would like to just do a summary here and move forward only to just do more explanations about how you actually can … what’s the situation when you’re a client with Diligent. What we didn’t go through was actually the calendar view which is quite interesting because of course in the calendar view you have the situation where as you can see all upcoming meetings.

Whatever meetings are coming up and whatever materials are attached to that meeting, that’s what shown in the calendar view. Also descriptions how to get their information about how to sign in if it’s an electronic meeting etcetera. We looked up on the contact list which is of course very convenient if you have people coming from the outside that don’t have access to the directory. You have a search functionality that you can actually search through the entire board portal and that is a key issue when it comes to for instance searching an investment project or a particular person.

You can actually search not only on the name of the document but actually also on the content even if it’s encrypted. That makes it very easy to find the material because of course the unlimited storage which has access in the system makes it possible to upload vast numbers and volumes of material and of course you have to have a good search function there.

I showed you the annotations and how to share them and make notes. How to go through voting and also that you can do those mandatory board evaluation questionnaires within the system. To talk to a bit further about what it’s like to be a customer within Diligent we have set up what we call a customer success team and it’s all surrounding in giving a very able and quick service. that’s why we have a guarantee that we answer any call coming in within five seconds. That’s five seconds irregardless of when you called during the day. If you call in the night, if you call on a Sunday, it’s actually 24/7 365 service and it’s always picked up the call by a real person.

This person is someone who is very able and knowledgeable when it comes to the Diligent system. Therefore, we have a statistic that we sold 98% of the problems within the first call, so 98% of the people that called in are actually helped with in the first call. That is something that is very appreciated from our clients. Also it’s something that has won us several awards. We are six time Stevie Award winner and that’s the world’s premier business award for global supports. We are very excited about that, but what’s even more important is the evaluation that we’ve had from our clients in the service. We’ve actually gone an evaluation of 4.8 out of 5 of the customer satisfaction ratings. That’s something that we are really happy and proud about.

For this quotation I think they speak the truth, it’s some of our clients just saying what their experience was and this is something that we publish regularly on our website. This is actual quotes, “Excellent experience especially at 3:30 a.m.” That comes directly from our customers. This is the most important quotes that we can get.

Moving on for all of you who are not too familiar about Diligent, we are a true international company, we have offices in 12 countries. Customers in over 60 countries, we are now reaching three and a half thousand companies as clients, over 100,000 people are using the system and if you want to point out any figure here it’s the client retention rate of 97% which is the highest in our business. Something that really stands out due to the fact that as a software service company we give our clients the opportunity to renew or cancel the contracts every year of course 97% decide to stay with us and that’s an extremely high number and something that we are really proud of and of course are really keen on making that number stay as high as it is.

Although I had some technical difficulties today I hope you enjoyed this session and of course I would like to know if there are any particular questions out there that I could maybe answer for you.

Diligent Host: Thank you yes we had a couple of questions come in from the audience today. The first one is regarding using the archive center and whether it’s possible or not to scan in previous material perhaps a particular organization has switched from one portal to another and want to have access to the past five years worth of materials. Is that something that is easy to do?

Fredrik: Yes it’s very easy and convenient a lot of companies actually decide to put in a couple of years of old materials even 10 years or as I said it’s unlimited storage and what you do you turn it into a PDF and you just import it so it’s very easy and convenient.

Diligent Host: We’ve also had a couple of questions around questionnaires. How easy is it to build the questionnaires themselves as we’ve seen the director view but what about from the administrative perspective?

Fredrik: It’s actually quite each, is there time, if we have time?

Diligent Host: Yes we have some time if you are keen to show it.

Fredrik: Yeah I could just try to move in here to the engine room of the system and just give you a quick overview here if we go in here. I will show you my screen here we are in the administrative side, we go into something called questionnaire manager. Here you have a number of different surveys done and what you could do if you see some survey like board satisfaction survey I would actually like to do that also not only in 2015 but also in 2016. I just duplicate that.

It’s the board satisfaction survey 16 and I will duplicate it without answers. I will press save there and what we get up is a copy of what it will look like. Here it’s very easy to customize the questionnaire so what you could do is you could do a logo, a picture of some sort and you could really show that it’s your company or what the theme is. You can make a logo here if we go to see the the different questions it looks okay and this is the submission page.

We’re happy with that if we press publish here we can decide when it’s supposed to be answered so it’s the end of the month at 10:00 Eastern time, yup this looks okay and it’s for the main board that’s going to show and answer this. Of course you can send it out to the entire company or if you would like or the committee executives etcetera but this is for the main board. Press next and we will use security only so everyone will have access and answer and see the results. When I press publish here it’s going out so you will actually see the survey popping up on your screens here. If you go to questionnaires and if we go to check for updates oh there it comes up. That’s board satisfaction 2016. That’s very convenient and it goes rather quickly. I hope you agree.

Diligent Host: Thank you Fredrik, we are running out of time we will come back with a few of the questions that we’ve received from everybody on the line by e-mail. Before we let you all go today we would be keen to learn which of the features that Fredrik presented today would be the most useful to your board. I’m going to bring up a third and final poll for the day so you can see here. Which aspect of today’s demonstration would be most beneficial to your organization? The basic capabilities that Fredrik went through, the collaboration features such as shareable sticky notes, surveys and questionnaires, electronic voting or the support and reliability that Diligent is renowned for. Let me just give you a few more seconds a few final votes coming in here. Just a few more seconds for others to vote and I’m going to share this now.

It looks like okay interesting the basic capabilities and collaboration features, so perhaps we have several people on the line today who are not quite so advanced with using board portal solutions so hopefully we can help you there.

Let me just close that up. That does bring us to the end of today’s session please feel free to either follow up with Fredrik or myself directly. You can also visit our website where you can download a number of work papers and success stories from our existing customers. There’s also the option to schedule a demo. As I mentioned I will be sending out a recording of this webinar to everybody that registered and you will see that sometime in the next 24 hours. In the meantime everybody thank you for joining and thanks for sticking by us as we had a few technical issues, but have a lovely day. Thank you very much. Bye, bye.