Working Hard or Hardly Working: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Board Portal

Diligent host: Good morning everyone. Thanks for taking the time to join today’s webinar with Diligent. For those that joined our webinar back in March, where we showed you how you can build board meeting books in just a few short minutes, we hope you found it useful. For those of you joining us for the first time today, welcome.

Today’s webinar is a natural continuation of our first webinar where we will explore, in more detail, some of the more advanced features that we eluded to our solution in the last webinar. I’m part of the marketing team here at Diligent. I’m joined today by my colleague, Gregory Prinsloo, who heads out our sales and business development in Africa. Before we get started today I have a couple of housekeeping notes. This webinar should last about 30 minutes. We are recording it. A replay of the recording will be sent to everybody that registered within the next 24 hours. When you receive this, please feel free to forward it along to any of your colleagues or board members who were not able to join us today. Also, please feel free to ask a question at any time. You can do so by the ask question pane on the right hand side of your screen. At the end of today’s demonstration we’ll answer as many questions as we can. Anything that we don’t get to will be answered via email.

Before we move along, I would be interested to find out how most of you are currently distributing your board meeting materials. I have a quick poll here, which would be great if you could fill it out. Let me just launch it here. As you can see, it’s how are your documents currently distributed. You have a number of options that you can choose from. Documents are printed and distributed by courier, PDF documents are distributed via email, Dropbox/SharePoint or other file sharing solutions. Perhaps you’re using a custom developed or in-house tool. Perhaps you’re already using a board portal. Let me just wait a few more seconds for you to vote. If you’re unsure how to vote you can just place your mouse cursor in the white bullet point to the left of the options. Great, I can see the majority of you voted now. I’m just going to close these up.

The results are really interesting actually. When we’ve run this poll before the majority of respondents are using PDF documents to distribute board materials. As you can see here, not a single person on the line is actually doing that. That’s actually great to hear. We’ve still got a couple of people using paper as well as people using Dropbox or SharePoint Solutions. Interestingly, 50% are using a board portal. It’ll be interesting to see later in the presentation, for further polls, what features and functionality you’re using within that board portal system. With that, I’m going to pass you back over to Greg who is going to take you through today’s presentation.

Gregory: Thank you. Good day everyone. My name is Gregory Prinsloo. I am the sales and business director for Africa. What I’m going to do today is take you through the director’s view of the Diligent application.

What we did previously, in the previous webinar, we went through the admin’s side. I showed you how to create a book, as well as publish. What we’re going to focus on today a little bit is the web fonts, features of the Diligent applications. The collaboration tools, going through electronic voting, questions and surveys, and obviously I’m going to go on to our customer success. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to jump directly into the Diligent director’s view, which is going to be on the iPad.

Now, I’m hoping you can all see my screen. This is the director’s view of the Diligent application. As you can see, I have my main board, order committee, executive committee, etc. What you’re going to work on today is the main board. I will click on main board. As you can see here, there’s multiple books. These might be future books that I need to work on. For today I’m going to work on GregDemo2.

Now you can see a couple of things happening here. This says there’s updates available. This means this updates since the last time I logged in. That’s why they have an update history. There’s obviously voting in progress. I have 2 pending votes. What I’m going to do now is just sync so that it picks up any of the updates. I click on the left hand side. You can see how quickly it’s syncing. My apologies for that, this is just an extra password that I need to put in for security purposes. Now you can see how quickly that synced. It only syncs through the updates that came through.

I’m going to go into my agenda. This is like a typical book. It’s like reading a book or reading through a kindle. I will click on the right hand side of here. I can scroll through with my scroll-er bar at the bottom. I can choose to go directly to a number. If you look here, in the right hand side, you can choose to go to directly through to a number. Click on a number here. I’m going to go to page 10. Takes me directly through. What I like to use is the navigation pane. If I click on the navigation pane here, you can see it basically breaks down my book for me, as well as the substructures.

I think the next thing the director would like to do is to annotate. Now, if you look at this little pen mark here, I will click on it. It brings up my notation pane. You can see here there’s a highlighter. If I click on that, you’ll see it comes up with 3 colours. I have yellow, green, purple, etc. Maybe for you, what I could do is, stuff that I’m happy with, I want to come back to. I mean I’m not so sure maybe pink is something I need to bring to other’s attention.

I can also then use a pen. I’m going to circle something here, if I need to write let’s just say… notes. As you can see, my handwriting is not of the best. What I’m going to use today is sticky notes. Just for purpose of today, Greg’s Sticky Notes. Now you can see here, by default, it’s private. What I’m going to do is click on that. What I can do is I can either share this with everyone, if I want to bring something to everyone’s attention, or I can only share with select viewers. If I click on that I can choose the people I would like to share with. Let’s choose 2 or 3 there. I’m going to push OK. Once I push OK, it sends me a popup. It wants to make sure that I’m happy sharing this note. I’m going to click OK. Then last but not least, I’m going to share this.

Now I’m just going to jump into a previous one I’ve done. If you can see here in the top right hand corner this is blue. That means that it’s an active conversation I’m having with someone. You can see it’s different people actually going through. The list becomes a nice way to actually discuss certain things with different board members.

What I’m going to do now is I’m going to jump into a quick poll… The polls are open. What I would like to find out by you is if your board voting or responding to surveys electronically. I’m going to give everybody a few minutes to vote. Now, currently I’m sure the companies are using SurveyMonkey, etc. A lot of companies are still doing it via email. I had a company yesterday that actually told me they email the voting document, the director signs off, emails it back to them then they go forth and they email it to the next one and the next one until they get this back. You can imagine this is very time consuming, especially if there’s a document that needs to be signed off quite quickly. I’m waiting for everybody to vote. The polls are in. Only surveys electronically 67%, 33% said it’s both voting and surveys electronically.

What I’m going to do now is just go quickly into our voting tool.

Diligent host: My apologies, Greg, to interrupt. We are unable to see your screen. That’s it, perfect. Thank you.

Gregory: No, thank you. If you see off to the left hand side I’ve put up a couple of different voting documents. One is approval of minutes. Two will be the resolution voting. If I go into approval of minutes, you can see on the bottom right hand corner I need 2 votes on this document. This is the attempt to cast your votes. I simply click on that. Either vote for, or vote against, or abstain. For today’s purposes I’m going to vote for. Obviously, it’s going to be a second popup to confirm this. As you can see here, I’m just going to expand this. It gives me my signature with the date and a time stamp.

Going to pop into our second one quickly. As you can see, this is a resolution voting. Do you agree to the appointment of Mr. William Tell to the audit committee? It needs 3 votes. Once again, I’m going to attempt to cast my vote. Either vote for or vote against, or abstain. Again, I’m going to vote for and confirm this. As you can see, once again, my signature is there with a date and a time stamp. As you can imagine, from a voting perspective, if you can this done ahead of meetings, your time spent in board meetings are going to be a lot more efficient.

What I’m going to do now is just go into a couple of extra features in terms of the Diligent application. If you can see on the left hand side, what I have is a few other things. I have archive books. From an archive books perspective, it gives you greater control of your actual board pack. Once your board meeting is complete, the administrator has the rights to take those books and archive them. Instead of leaving paper laying around, it just gives you greater control. Further to that, instead of having it on your local machine, listing archives up to the data centre which then doesn’t slow up the machine that you use on. You can imagine if you’re using your iPad, you keep storing the last 2 or 3 years’ worth of board material, it’s going to slow your machine.

Next, I’m going to go into our resource centre. From the resource centre, this a point of reference for documents across meetings. This could be new director orientation, briefing. I, personally, use this as my own little centre where I store any documents I might need on a daily basis or that I’d like to read offline when I’m travelling.

I’m going to go next into our contacts. If you can see here, this is basically a breakdown of the different people within the structure. I can break it down into main board or an executive, however which committees I have. You can only see the people within your relevant committee. You can see them all, it’s completely up to you. It’s just a nice way of keeping everybody’s details together instead of going onto a local outlook or something.

Calendar, let’s jump onto it quickly. Just show you our calendar. You can have it per event, month, or year. As you can imagine, planning the year ahead for board meetings will probably work out a lot better for you. From an administrator perspective, it’s going to help a lot. I’m going to jump into a specific meeting just to show you. You can colour coordinate the different meetings if you want different committees, or etc. You can colour code these. I’m just going to jump, now, into one I’ve created for tomorrow, main board meeting. It’ll give me all my details, dates, times, etc., as well as where it is. The nice thing about this is I can also link it directly to the board pack I’m working with. Again, if you’re sitting on different committees, and there’s different packs available, it’s just much easier and quicker to go directly to the pack that you’re working with. If I click on that I jump directly back into the board pack I’m working on.

Last but not least, I’m going to go into questionnaires. I’m sure a lot of you have companies that use SurveyMonkey, use third party applications to do certain surveys. Within the Diligent application we have a survey facility or questionnaire facility. One that I’ve listed, you’ll just put on as a board satisfactory survey, which I’m sure most companies use. This is one I’ve used previously, I’m just resuming where I was previously. As you can imagine, board evaluation surveys happen all the time. It’s really easy for admin to set this up. If you have previous work, you can just duplicate that. What it does is it gives you results conceptually consolidated to admin. It can be anonymous or not anonymous. It’s completely up to the admin.

Now, if you can see here, you can break this down however you want. You can create any question you want in any format you want. Some, for example, almost never [inaudible 00:14:45] write very frequently. I’ll just say sometimes. What I can do is write [inaudible 00:14:55] sentences 1 to 10. I mean, this is completely user defined. You can create it however you want. What I’m going to do now is save this and finish it later.

What I’ve done now is taking you through some of the more advanced features of the Diligent application. What I’d like to do now is just jump back into my presentation quick. Now, if you can see here, I’ve gone though the key features of the Diligent board. You can see we have your standard features. Should I say standard features that should be in a board portal. Your annotations, searches, calendars, and contacts. We have a lot more features we haven’t even [inaudible 00:15:49] enhanced features that I took you through the voting and the questionnaires.

Now, the reason we do all of this is because we have 3,500 clients that I’ve seen. They need these features. Everything to add on to the Diligent application is from a client’s request. It’s all good in having a perfect system in something that is very fine advanced. The next thing people asked is, “What about take on? Once we sign on with you guys, where do we go from there?”

The thing with that is we have customer service excellence. We have 2 portions to this. We have a dedicated account management team that gets assigned to your company that does unlimited and free training. We also have a support side which is 24/7/365. As you know, software is a service you only get through a call centre, a ticketing system, etc. Us, you speak to a person 100% of the time. Every call is answered by a person working for Diligent not a third party company. As you can see, 98% of issues are resolved by a person answering a call. We have won numerous rewards, which I’m not going to touch on right now. There you can see just some of what our clients are saying. If you look here in the top right hand corner, that’s exactly what I was saying. You have a director travelling abroad. If he’s flying 2 time zones, he get’s into a country where it’s 3:30 AM in his current country. He needs support, we are open 24/7/365.

What I’m going to do now is touch on Diligent by the numbers for those of you that don’t know Diligent. We were founded in 2001. We’ve been around for over 15 years. The difference is that we’ve been focused on board portal solutions for 15 years. We support the product ourselves. We develop the product ourselves. Every aspect of the product is Diligent. We don’t have any third party products. We only focus on board portal solutions. We have 12 officers world wide. We have over 300 companies in over 72 countries. If you look at the bottom left hand side, over 120,000 board members and executives. That is a huge number of board members, executives, and administrators world wide. I think the thing we’re most proud of is the client retention rate. In software services, as I mentioned, every year you get renew your contract. 97% of clients have chosen to stay with us.

What I’m going to do now is pop into questions quickly. Is there any questions?

Diligent host: Yes, thank you Greg. One of the questions that we received is “the voting feature is great, but how do you actually get the signature of the directors into the system? Is that something that is easy to do?”

Gregory: Yes it is. What I’m going to do is just jump back into the Diligent application, if that’s okay. Just to show you, there’s 2 ways to get the signature into the system. One would be your simple way where you sign on a piece of paper. You email or send it through to the administrator. They then upload it into the system. The second, and I think the most easiest way is going directly into the application on the iPad. If you see here, I’m created as a director. I’m on main board as an executive. They’ve given me access rights. Obviously, just to update my own information. What I’m going to do here is edit…

Once I edit that you can see I can update all my details going through. You see on the top here that there’s a signature pane. There’s a little pen facility over there. I simply click on that. You can see it says, “Please sign below.” I’m going to do my signature. I click DONE. That’s as simple as that. It’s uploaded my signature into the system for use for voting, etc.

Any further questions?

Diligent host: Yes, thank you Greg, that was great. Is it possible to scan in board materials from a past meeting into the archive centre?

Gregory: Yes it is. If you joined my webinar last week or last month, my apologies, you would’ve seen we have something called a bulk uploader, which is probably the easiest. You take the past meeting of the board pack, you simply drag and drop it into the system. You archive the material. It’s as easy and simple as that.

Any further questions?

Diligent host: That seems to be it for today Greg. Thank you very much. Before we let you all go today and give you a few minutes back. We’d be keen to learn which of the features Greg presented today would be the most useful to you and your board. I’m just going to launch a third and final poll for the day. You can see here, which aspect of today’s demonstration would be most beneficial to your organisation. We have the basic capabilities that Greg showed, such as the annotations, the handwriting tool, the collaboration features such as the sticky notes, surveys and questionnaires, electronic voting, or the support reliability that Diligent is so well-known for. Let me just give you all a couple more seconds to vote. You can see the votes trickling in now. That’s great, a few more seconds, if you haven’t voted if you could please. Great, I’ll just close this up now. Let’s take a look at the results.

Very interesting, the basic capabilities are obviously something that make a huge difference to directors using the solution and the collaboration features as well. It seems like the shared notes feature that Greg showed would come in useful to a lot of you. Let me just put that way. Thank you very much for participating in that.

That does bring us to the end of today’s session. Please feel free to follow up with either myself or Greg directly. You would’ve seen Greg’s contact details on the slide before. You can also visit our website for more information. There you will see lots of resources from white papers, case studies from our happy customers. There is also the option to schedule a demo. As I said, I will send out a copy of the recording within the next 24 hours. I will also include my contact details on that. Thank you very much for joining everyone. Have a great day! Thank you. Bye-bye.