Tox Free Solutions Moves Board Books from Paper to Cloud with Diligent Boardbooks

HONG KONG, JULY 3, 2012/PRNEWSWIRE — Board portal provider Diligent Board Member Services today announced that Tox Free Solutions Limited (Toxfree), one of Australia’s largest integrated waste management and industrial services companies, has chosen to deploy the Diligent Boardbooks solution to support the compilation and distribution of board materials for its directors.

Toxfree has a five-member board of directors. Full board meetings are held 11 times per year and there are regular committee meetings in between. As a result, the company uses in excess of 600 pages, printed double-sided, every year, to prepare its paper-based board books, most of which are destroyed immediately after use.

“As part of an increased focus on efficiency and security, and to minimise the environmental impact associated with the paper, printing, binding and distribution of our board packs, we decided to move the entire process to the Cloud,” said Lynda Nottle, Executive Assistant at Toxfree.

“Diligent Boardbooks, a software-as-a-service solution, is ideal for us. It provides a comfortable, natural way for our directors to view their board materials – either on an iPad or notebook. They really like the simple interface. It looks just like a traditional book, with the same features, such as tabs and page numbers. And they can post information in real time, which means all documents are always up to date, and it makes for more efficient meetings in terms of access to information.”

Diligent is the global leader in board portals. Easy-to-use, powerful software features include: attaching notes to pages to reference at the board meeting, keyword searchable current books and archived books, easy voting, and surveys and questionnaires.

“Diligent Boardbooks is used by directors of some of the largest corporations in the world,” said Eslinda Hamzah, Managing Director, Diligent APAC Board Services. “When it comes to board portals, Australian companies are some of the most enlightened in the Asia Pacific region. They understand the benefits of the technology, including the efficiency and security it offers. I am delighted that Toxfree has taken a pioneering decision to make Diligent Boardbooks part of their success.”

“Diligent has a great product strongly backed up by a great support team,” said Nottle. “From day one, when I sent my first email requesting information, right through the entire journey to change from paper to digital, everyone we worked with has been fantastic. Their product knowledge is excellent and their customer service first class.”


Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Code: TOX), Tox Free Solutions Limited (Toxfree) is one of the largest integrated waste management and industrial services companies in Australia. Toxfree provides a comprehensive range of waste management services including hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, solid waste management and recycling, liquid waste treatment and household hazardous waste collection and emergency response.


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