iPads Storm the Boardroom

LONDON, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — You could say that 2012 was the year that the iPad got serious. Originally intended as a fun device for consumers, the iPad has grown up and entered the highest echelons of business, including the boardroom. UK tablet sales to corporate buyers outstripped those to consumers in 2012, climbing from 35% of all purchases in Q2 last year to 64% in the same period this year. And iPad sales accounted for 72% of those tablets, up from 56% a year earlier.

Capital Shopping Centres Group signed as Diligent Boardbooks Ltd.’s 33rd FTSE 100 client, bringing the growth rate in the use of Diligent’s secure board portal and iPad app to 72% amongst FTSE 100 companies since the start of 2012. Independent surveys show that three-quarters of directors favour getting their critical board papers in electronic format instead of receiving board packs as printed papers. Based on our experience, these estimates are proving true.

“Diligent Boardbooks® offers an effective way to securely modernise internal communications due to its concierge-level service, intuitive interface and compatibility with the latest devices” said Charlie Horrell, European Managing Director, Diligent Boardbooks Ltd. “Making the switch to an electronic portal is a natural progression for businesses and one which is altering the way company leaders and boards communicate on their most critical decisions.”

Current FTSE 100 users of the Diligent Boardbooks secure iPad app include companies such as Barclays, Pearson, Standard Life and Kingfisher plc. The transition from traditional board papers to a digital version has a number of positive impacts on those who use and prepare the papers. Board directors appreciate faster delivery, easier access, and annotation, search and voting features, while staff who prepare the documents are able to make last-minute changes and improve the quality and timeliness of board materials. There are other corporate benefits, measured in time and cost savings as well as environmental impact. While the transition from paper can be an obvious decision, selection of the right board portal provider to assist in that journey is critical.

At Kingfisher plc, the transition to Boardbooks technology is already paying dividends for directors. David Morris, Assistant Company Secretary, said: “The secure platform and simple usability of Diligent Boardbooks has been an enormous timesaver for the Secretariat and the Kingfisher Board.”

Notes to editors: Research independently provided by Computer Reseller News and Edis-Bates Associates.