Diligent Announces Global ISO 27001 Certification

Board portal attains industry’s highest security standard

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 27, 2014 – DILIGENT BOARD MEMBER SERVICES, INC., (NZX: DIL) (WWW.BOARDBOOKS.COM) provider of the world’s most widely used board portal, announced that it has achieved ISO 27001 certification for the security of its Diligent Boardbooks® software. ISO Certification provides the over 3,400 boards and 72,000 users Diligent serves with independent assurance that Diligent’s board portal passes the rigors of an ISO 27001 audit. The certification was performed by BrightLine, an ANAB accredited Certification Body based in the US.

ISO 27001 is a global security standard that sets out requirements for an information security management system. In order to achieve the certification, a company must show it has a systematic and ongoing approach to managing sensitive company and customer information. Diligent is now recognized as fully compliant with the global security standard worldwide, and has also established a formal program to maintain the certification.

“Organizations need to equip their boards and management teams with a means for highly secure, mobile communications and collaboration,” said Alex Sodi, president and CEO of Diligent Board Member Services. “With this achievement, Diligent is continuing its commitment to provide further assurance of our security controls and practices through third-party certifications and audits such as ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 Type 2 (SOC 1).” Diligent has long been a pioneer in providing leadership with secure access to a company’s most sensitive information – building in security at the document, device, network and data center levels.

To learn more about Diligent’s security certifications and security practices, visit http://www.boardbooks.com/security