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The safer, smarter way to email and message

We understand that Directors use email to communicate because it’s easy and convenient, but in doing so, they are putting valuable company information at significant risk. Not only are email and other communication tools error prone, they are also insecure and vulnerable to phishing attacks, password hacks and other potential breaches.

Don’t risk communicating with your board outside of Diligent. Adopt our newest tool, Diligent Messenger.

Diligent Messenger provides Directors with a messaging platform that combines enterprise-level security with the ease and familiarity of popular text and email solutions. Best of all, you maintain total control to ensure compliance and security.

Collaborate & Communicate in Real Time

Correspond with other Directors as you review board materials for seamless collaboration and faster decision-making.

Protect Information & Prevent Leaks

Unique configuration for controlled communications including message retraction and disabled copy/paste and forward functionality.

Enterprise-Level Security & Customization

Gold standard information security management technology meets customizable settings for specific governance and regulatory compliance requirements.

Board Cybersecurity: Moving from Risky Preferences to Sound Policy

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Features Overview

For the Executives and Administration
For the Organization
White iPhone with Messenger App
  • Message Control

    Disabled copy/paste and forward functionality

  • Message Undo

    Recall errant or accidental messages

  • Secure Login

    Customizable access and authentication policies

  • Pre-Set Contacts

    Immediate access to contacts and groups from Diligent Boards

  • Delivery Confirmation

    Monitor when messages are sent, delivered and read

  • iPhone and iPad

    Messages in-sync and accessible from any device

White iPhone with Messenger App
  • Bulletproof Encryption

    Best-in-class 256 AES encryption

  • User Management

    Control all communications from inside to outside your organization

  • Auto-sync

    Contacts, groups and their permissions automatically synched from your Diligent Boards configuration to your Messenger devices

  • Message Lifespan

    Configure message retention on company devices to limit discoverability

  • Message Archive

    Retain messages on servers and devices as long as you need them

  • Systems Testing

    Routine independent third-party penetration testing

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