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Streamline workflow with powerful tools that securely produce, update and facilitate the delivery of board information. Have control over who can access what material, and rules governing how users send or retain that material (or not). And rest assured that you and your board will be fully supported throughout the process.

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Document collaboration

Diligent Boards enables document distribution and collaboration. Specific workflow allows designated users to upload, preview, approve, distribute, update and remove documents, add links and vote. Administrators can send alerts about new and updated materials. With our powerful publishing tool, an entire board pack can be uploaded just by dragging it once. It is also highly flexible, allowing boards to better structure their materials.

Paperless process

See how binding votes are progressing and get feedback from the board. Users can vote on resolutions, consent via e-signature, and complete self-assessments and questionnaires. Diligent Boards offers highly customizable tools like questionnaires that allow for precise input from board members, along with management of outstanding actions, vote status and results.


Make sure that users only see what they need to see. In Diligent Boards, administrators can define user access rights by board and committee. They can also customize books down to the document level for individual users. Users only see material relevant to them and can communicate and collaborate with other members.


It’s crucial to minimize the risks of discoverability for a board. By using Diligent Boards, you can strictly control an organization’s document-handling policies, defining when material is printed, emailed or retained. The administrator can centrally purge notes from any user’s devices and archive a clean copy of the board pack.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

  • Both in my role as Assistant Secretary with The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees and now as Secretary to the UT Foundation Board of Directors, Diligent has streamlined our process for sharing material. The ease of use has simplified communication among executives and directors alike. Additionally, the convenience of access to the documents anytime through the online portal is perfect for busy Board members.

    Rachael Renee, Assistant Secretary

    The University of Tennessee

  • THANKS for being so on top of this! I continue to be seriously impressed with your customer service.

    Hannah Ellenson, Associate Director of Leadership Development

    New Israel Fund

  • After careful consideration, we selected Diligent Boards in April 2014 as our vehicle to distribute Committee and Board meeting material to our Directors. We found the Diligent Boards Staff to be well versed, courteous and informative about their product during training sessions and they remain available to provide assistance after normal business hours. The product is very user friendly and offers various options on how to load your material into a secured environment. Our meeting material recipients have indicated that it is easy to access the material for viewing and/or printing. Overall, we are very pleased with the product.

    Kelly Blackwell, Law Dept./The Corporate Secretary’s Office

    Marriott International

  • We were really looking for a winning combination of solid security, the best back-end functionality that the secretariat team would use and the front-end that the directors get on the iPad. The only company that met all of Lonmin’s criteria was Diligent

    Rob Bellhouse, Company Secretary and Head of Legal


  • Our board materials are now produced, distributed and reviewed in a much more efficient way. And virtual meetings can be conducted anywhere, securely and efficiently, improving collaboration and connectivity across our organization. We also need to maintain high levels of corporate governance as we continue to develop our businesses and execute our strategy. Diligent has been our trusted partner and provides us an executive communications solution which is easy-to-use. It has increased the mobility of our directors and other executives in dispersed locations in accessing information in a very secure way.

    Robert L. Rosen, General Counsel

    Kenon Holdings

  • For me, the Diligent platform is easy to use and very intuitive, and the user support is first-rate.

    Cam Hoang, Senior Counsel and Assistant Secretary

    General Mills

  • NSW Businesslink Pty Ltd compared Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) against a number of competitors. We were amazed at how easy it was to use for both Administrators and Directors. Diligent’s professional Account Managers and exceptional 24/7 help desk also stood out. Now directors just carry their iPads with them.

    Angela Leonello, Executive Officer

    NSW Businesslink Pty Ltd

  • After engaging with several suppliers to provide a solution, the Diligent platform was the most user friendly of them all, both for the Administrator building the boardbooks and the end user.  The support from all the team is amazing.

    Paula Fowler, PA to Rosemary Martin, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

    Vodafone Group Services Limited

  • As a global company, our board members are located in a number of countries. Through Diligent Boards, I am able to ensure that important company materials get to them instantaneously and securely, rather than relying on courier service or other means of electronic communication. Confidentiality is also an important differentiator that Diligent offers.

    Mohamed Elsarky, CEO

    Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.

  • What I like about the Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) iPad application is its ease of use. It maintains the ‘feel’ of paper, while making good use of the enhanced efficiencies that modern technology affords. Out of all the vendors we investigated, Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) provided the best combination of features at a good price. We now have over 240 participants across 103 Boards and Committees.

    Paul McKenna, Deputy Group Company Secretary

    Standard Life

  • The quality of the Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) product was outstanding compared with the competition. Then again, Diligent had their solution long before the iPad was introduced. Many other solutions entered the market with the introduction of apps and are in catch-up mode. And Diligent innovates its solution in response to changing customer needs to stay ahead of the curve.

    David Morris, Deputy Company Secretary


  • The roll out with Diligent was fast, easy and painless. We started with the plc board but are now rolling it out to the operating divisions. It works just as well here as for the main board.

    David Morris, Deputy Company Secretary


  • I would just like to place on record the most fantastic help and assistance that I get from your entire team. The manner with which the team has constantly and efficiently assisted me with my sometimes laborious requests is earth shatteringly awesome and I sincerely believe this is not the first commendation yourself or your team will be getting.

    Chidi Okezie, Company Secretary

    Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC

  • We have used Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) for over two years and are very pleased with their product. Diligent’s support staff is excellent and the portal is user friendly. In addition, the resource center is an excellent way for us to deliver important information to our directors. We continually look for ways to further use Diligent and have never been disappointed in its functionality.

    Michael R McCoy, Vice President and Corporate Secretary


  • Our transition almost four years ago from paper production and distribution of board materials to Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) was well received by our Board and executive management. In addition, the development staff routinely rolls out helpful enhancements to the app and the 24/7 customer support is superior - someone is always available to assist.  The tool continues to be a ‘value add’ to our board experience.

    Christine Layendecker, Sr. Administrative Assistant- Legal Dept.

    Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

  • Diligent has a great reputation, and works with many other FTSE 100 companies. In addition, I had prior experience of the service, which was reassuring. It is a very customer-Focused business, and the product is simple to use, making the transition from paper to electronic board packs far easier.

    Adam Westley, Company Secretary and Head of Compliance


  • Melrose sought to speed up the process of board pack dissemination, and to remove the need for hard copy papers. Paper board packs are also an obvious security risk, and we wanted to ensure that confidential materials are kept secure. Diligent offers us this security.

    Adam Westley, Company Secretary and Head of Compliance


  • The introduction of board portal technology through Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) has resulted in significant savings in administrative expenses and resources, and has vastly improved our ability to perform our corporate governance functions.  In addition, customer service is best in class!

    Isaac Torres, Vice President, Corporate Secretary & Assistant General Counsel

    Carver Federal Savings Bank

  • Coffs Harbour City Council needed a reliable and secure way to electronically publish and distribute our Council Agendas and supporting documents to our Councillors. After careful evaluation, we agreed to implement Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks). We were delighted how well Diligent took care of every aspect of the implementation and both our Councillors and our executive staff have commented on the simplicity and reliability of the Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) application.

    Steve Bayliss, CIO

    Coffs Harbour City Council

  • Essar Oil is committed to GO GREEN and our top management is constantly pushing for initiatives which increase our green credentials. Our board-of-directors and senior leadership team use Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks) which allows us to conduct entirely paperless board & performance review meetings by providing secure access to documents and reports, eliminating redundant tasks and significantly improving collaboration while supporting effective governance at all levels.

    Vikas Prabhu, CIO

    Essar Oil

  • The Diligent solution has enabled PLI to embrace the digital age by being more efficient in the distribution and management of documents globally. With the proliferation of tablets amongst senior level executives, digital boardbooks facilitates them in getting the right documents and updates at the right time. The time saved from working with printouts and the better management of these documents allows the secretariat to focus on other areas of work. The support that we get from Diligent has been excellent from Day One.

    Keng-Taan Soh, Group CIO

    Petronas Lubricant International

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