For Board Members

Provide directors with immediate, secure access to board materials and discussions so they can work with management more effectively and make better informed decisions. With proper use, Diligent Boards can also help users meet their fiduciary responsibilities and reduce their liability by keeping board information secure and being able to review it on a timely basis.

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Users never leave the app, whether they’re online or offline, resulting in a seamless experience. For administrators, this allows for central archiving of a final copy of the book after a board meeting. With Diligent Boards, users can easily control when and what they sync. Grab only the updates needed during limited online windows. Or even access partial documents if a connection is interrupted. Annotations, approvals and notes made offline also sync back online.

Device protection

Mobility is great. Secure, controlled mobility is even better. Everything within Diligent Boards is encrypted down to the page level, which protects information stored on devices. Diligent Boards allows administrators to authorise devices by user. If a device is lost or stolen, user access can be terminated or suspended. In the event of unauthorised attempts to access materials, data can be remotely purged when the device authorisation feature is in use.

Enhanced access

Find what you’re looking for among volumes of ever-changing information. With Diligent Boards, users can navigate materials with ease. Search for a specific term, locate new updates, link back to previously viewed pages, and review all notes in one place. Review current and prior meetings, reference materials and logistics on the most intuitive interface available.

Paperless process

See how binding votes are progressing and get feedback from the board. Users can vote on resolutions, consent via e-signature, and complete self-assessments and questionnaires. Diligent Boards offers highly customisable tools like questionnaires that allow for precise input from board members, along with management of outstanding actions, vote status and results.


Diligent Boards users are protected by world-class security. Client data is hosted on dedicated Diligent servers. Data is encrypted at rest, in transit and on devices, and each client has its own encryption key. Information controls over our security processes have nine years of clean audits and our information management security is ISO 27001 certified. Diligent Boards is built on software developed by Diligent, giving us more control over the security of our product than competitors.


It’s crucial to minimise the risks of discoverability for a board. By using Diligent Boards, you can strictly control an organisation’s document-handling policies, defining when material is printed, emailed or retained. The administrator can centrally purge notes from any user’s devices and archive a clean copy of the board pack.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

  • THANKS for being so on top of this! I continue to be seriously impressed with your customer service.

    Hannah Ellenson, Associate Director of Leadership Development

    New Israel Fund

  • The Diligent solution has enabled PLI to embrace the digital age by being more efficient in the distribution and management of documents globally. With the proliferation of tablets amongst senior level executives, digital boardbooks enables them to get the right documents and updates at the right time. The time saved from working with printouts and the better management of these documents allows administrative staff to focus on other areas of work. The support that we get from Diligent has been excellent from day one.

    Keng-Taan Soh, Group CIO


  • Essar Power has adopted Diligent Boards (formerly Diligent Boardbooks), which allows us to efficiently compile, manage, distribute, access and archive board meeting materials online.  It saves our cost and time. With this secure, convenient and easy-to-use system, our directors are able to transit to conduct paperless board meetings.  The solution is backed up by an effective end-user and administrator training programme, responsive technical support, and ongoing maintenance and upgrade packages.

    Priyanka Jain, Company Secretary

    Essar Power

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