Diligent Board Evaluations

Simplify your board evaluations and reporting process

Board evaluations allow the board and its committees the opportunity to assess how aspects such as group culture, board composition, governance policies, leadership, and meeting processes impact performance. They should be incorporated as best practice and are, in some regions, required.

We understand the frustrations associated with using tools such as online surveys and Excel reports or paying high-end consultants to outsource the entire process.

Adopt our latest tool, Diligent Evaluations – the simplified way to capture board assessments and analyze board performance. Diligent Evaluations combines intuitive questionnaire design and detailed reporting, with full Diligent Boards integration.

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Streamline Your Board Assessment Process

Get the assessment information your organization needs using our easy-to-use questionnaire creation interface.

Analyze Board Performance Easily

Generate board assessment reports in multiple formats with just a few clicks.

Bulletproof Security and Controlled Access

Gold standard information security management technology and controlled access rights for authorized devices.

Features Overview

For Administrators
For Directors
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  • Questionnaires

    Intuitive questionnaire interface featuring multiple question types.

  • Multiple question formats help board portal use

    User-tested Questions

    Draw from user-tested questions and answer types, including rating tables and multiple selections.

  • A secure board portal is key

    Secure Reference Information

    Incorporate reference information securely and efficiently with appendices and linkable questions.

  • Status Updates

    Monitor completion status and set and change evaluation close dates.

  • An adoptable board portal with custom reports

    Custom Reports

    Generate custom reports in just a few clicks with the Export Wizard.

  • Averages Report

    Our solution features an automatically calculated "Averages Report" so you don't need to manipulate raw data.

  • Visual Reports

    Generate a visual graph report or Excel export for further analysis.

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  • Board Portal Image

    Tasks in Diligent

    Complete important compliance tasks through the familiar Diligent Boards interface.

  • Same Workflows and Software

    No new software or workflows to download or learn.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless integration with other board functions.

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